Terms & Conditions

By using onlinecampus.lk, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and accept them in full during the entire period you remain as a student of the onlinecampus.lk learning platform.

1. You are to complete the registration form in full when accessing for the first time to the onlinecampus.lk. You can select either A/L Registration or Other category based on your requirement

2. The online access is given to you by onlinecampus.lk only authorises a single user two students can not use the same account under any circumstances, Also you are strictly instructed not to share your user ID with others.

3. The password set by you at the platform must be securely used. You are strictly barred to share with others. Password must include one Capital Letter & One number

4. You are permitted to use the online access exclusively for educational purposes. Any other purpose other than the purpose you are given access to is strictly prohibited.

5. You must make the payments at initially for the videos and educational resources of your choice. Once paid, the payment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

6. If you are doing a Cash deposit, your access will be given within 1 to 3 days’ time. You need to write the reference number or include it when transferring funds on the deposit slip.

7. Once you make the required payments you will be given access to the class(es)/ videos and educational resources. Videos will be expired after the exam date. If you need to re-watch for the next exam, you have to purchase it again.

8. Videos will be uploaded in frequent basis to the website and this could be weekly, 2 weeks per time or monthly.

9. Once you logged in and done with watching videos, you need to log out all the time.

10. One student can use only one Computer & One mobile to watch videos. Both devices cannot be used at the same time. However, if your device is broken you can contact our support staff and reset devices.

11. If students are doing suspected activities such as user ID Sharing, Use of more devices, Same account used by more than one person, trying to copy videos etc, your account will be permanently blocked.

12. You are aware that in case you encounter any technical failure arising out of a variety of reasons, not limited to, such as electricity failure, data shortage, etc causing you to disconnect from the class/video, you have to restore your resources to log again.

13. You are strongly prohibited to download, copy, alter and distort data, share with others the class(es)/videos. Failing to do so will take legal actions for all direct & indirect participants relating to these.

14. You need to have a smooth internet connection as well a good device to watch videos at onlinecampus.lk

15. Reading materials & Questions (Exams) given by onlineaccounting.lk should not be shared with any other and use for any other activities other than learning purposes.

16. Telegram groups are there for some subjects and you can ask questions from lecturers. However unnecessary messages cannot be sent and lecturers or onlineaccounting.lk are not bound to answer for everything but only the important matters. It is solely onlinecampus.lk (PVT) Ltd management decision to remove any users from Any Telegram group.

17. All the class(es)/videos and other resources are copyrighted properties/ contents of onlinecampus.lk. You are aware that any violations as per above will be treated as an offence penalizable under the Property Rights Act Article 36 of 2003.